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We offer lessons from the best advisor known, with 3,800 million years of experience and an innumerable amount of designs, strategies and processes of successful around the world: Nature.

We strive to be agents of positive change, creating solutions that help to renew and restore natural systems, social and cultural sustainable and responsible way.

We adopt a regenerative approach in all our actions and decisions. We seek design solutions that are respectful of the environment, and promote the regeneration of natural resources. We care about minimizing the negative impacts and maximize the positive benefits in our manufacturing processes and design.
In addition, we are interested in the restoration and regeneration of social and cultural systems in which we operate. We value inclusion, equity and respect for local communities. We seek to collaborate with them actively and responsibly, recognizing their knowledge, and promoting their participation in decision making.

We are collaborative, as it allows us to have different perspectives, generate solutions more relevant and empowering users and communities, by making them active participants in the design process.

We seek to involve different actors and communities in the development of our solutions. We value the perspective and experience of the people to generate innovative ideas and solutions most appropriate to the actual needs. Encourage collaboration with other designers, experts, researchers and the general community to enrich our design process and to ensure the relevance and applicability of our proposals.
The collaborative approach allows us to generate a sense of shared ownership and empowerment, whether that engage end-users and the community at each stage of the project. We value the diversity of opinions and the creation of joint, which helps us to address more effectively the challenges and to gain a more complete solution and sustainable.

We share knowledge, encourage collaboration, and contribute to the advancement of research and innovation.

We aim to encourage openness in all aspects of our project, from the hardware and the software used in the implementation and usability of our final products.
To share our knowledge and experiences with other designers, researchers, and the community in general allows us to generate a wider impact and promote collaboration. To be open in our approach, we seek that others can learn from our research, we replicate our results and to adapt them to your own projects. Also, the openness allows us to receive valuable feedback that helps us improve and refine our solutions.

We seek design solutions that improve the health of the social systems and environmental, recognizing the complexity of the interactions and promoting a sustainable balance and harmony in the ecosystem in which we operate.

We consider the environment as an ecosystem of interconnected, in which our actions have an impact on multiple levels. Therefore, we strive to understand and take into account the dynamics and relationships between the different elements of this ecosystem.
In our design approach, we consider both the cultural aspects as the social and natural. We seek to develop solutions that are culturally relevant, environmentally friendly and socially just. We strive to minimize the negative impacts and promote a healthy balance between the different components of the ecosystem.
In addition, we are interested to promote the resilience and the long-term sustainability. We value the conservation of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity, as well as the promotion of equity and social inclusion. We recognize that the well-being of the social systems and environmental is intrinsically linked, and we designed taking into account this interdependence.

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When you face a design challenge you are looking for the solution to a problem. And if you may wonder: How do you resolve the Nature?, in it you'll find thousands of answers.
Through the observation, understanding and integration of the biological strategies observed in Nature, we can create solutions that are truly sustainable and contribute to a better world.

Our learning programs are developed through two complementary approaches, an introduction focused on giving you know the science of biomimicry and its implementation through a methodology, and a second part where you will apply the knowledge acquired by means of manufacturing tools digital or craft. This allows a more in-depth learning, leading to the student on a journey from the experiential learning in Nature, through the development of an idea biomimetics, until the prototyping end of a product manufactured by him.

Apúntate a alguna de nuestras actividades

SummerLab 2024 BIODESIGN

Del 14 al 21 de julio de 2024 en Ladines. Curso de verano para aprender nuestra metodología de diseño biomimética en plena Naturaleza, en el Parque Natural de Redes, en Asturias.

Acuarela Bioinspirada – Ladines

2023. Sábado 28 de octubre. En Ladines, Sobrescobio.

Escuela de Biodiseño 2023 – Ladines

2023. 8, 9 y 16 de septiembre.

How can we humans and nature co-create a common future?

Laboratory Biomimetic designs learning programs, and develops innovative and sustainable solutions-based methodology biomimetics.

The work is developed in the centre revolves around three activities:





Biomimicry teaches us to study Nature as a source of inspiration, able to give answers to our challenges, through the thousands of examples that exist solutions of biological adaptation. Our challenge, as a creative and technical, is the transformation of these biological strategies found of interest, in implementations sustainable and technological innovations successful.

Crafts digital

We understand the craft of digital as a discipline that fuses creativity and experimentation through the use of new manufacturing technologies (additive, cutting by numerically controlled, parametric design) with the traditional and the twisted fibers, ceramics or origami, as well as research in the design of biomaterials to create innovative and sustainable solutions.

We carry out projects for

Collaborating institutions

In which we are working

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"Nature has a multitude of answers waiting to questions"

Jorge Wagensberg

In the media

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