How to create your own collection of discoveries from the natural world

The Notebook Biomimetic

To begin the practice of biomimicry, the first step is the observation of Nature.
This observation can be direct, with field trips, or indirectly, through lectures or documentaries, but always from a new look, more attentive and curious, questioning how the natural world works.

A good habit is the creation of a notebook biomimetic. Through it we will get to develop new skills and to professionalize the practice of observing the Nature.

Cuaderno Abeto

What is a

notebook biomimetic?

The notebook biomimetic is a very useful tool for all creative, I help you to connect the bio-inspired, which offers us the natural world with the creation of innovative designs and sustainable.
Through the creation of our notebook biomimetic we will learn to observe and analyze the Nature in a different way as we did until now.
We will take all the curiosities and superpowers of biological organisms, and we will feel more inspired and creative to create an inventory of forms, processes, and natural ecosystems. And we can build our own collection of discoveries of Nature.

The notebook

Choose a binder nice and special. Enjoy using it and take it always with you. Draw and take notes in the heart of Nature requires material lightweight and practical, this is why it is important not to choose a notebook too big, but with a role and weight that allow you to use different drawing techniques.

Basic data

For each output it is important that you write down the top of every page the date, time, location and weather conditions. This data will help you catalog and organize your findings when you review your notebook after a period of time.


First observed and drawn after. Made many drawings of the same organism as curiosities to see. It draws from all angles and possible perspectives: from above, from below, of profile, sectioning the body. Draw the whole and also the parts. See if there are repeating elements or geometric patterns.

cuaderno biomimetico


Use different drawing tools, as many as you motivating and fun: pencil, watercolors, colored pencils, ball-point pen, pen, pen, wax.

Also interesting is the use of a magnifying glass or microscope digital mobile to be able to observe the small details. You can carry a small ruler and scale the size of the samples. It is important to make pictures but do not abuse the images, it is always better to delve into the direct observation to attempt to understand the morphology and adaptations of the organism to be analyzed.


Any thought or observation is too small. Open your senses and list all of the insights: sounds, smells, textures, features, materials, anecdotes. The more descriptive your sketches more information gather to analyze it and use it later.


Collect small samples, as long as you can. You can glue them to paper and to analyze them in more detail later.


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