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How to factory Nature


Theoretical-practical workshop to learn how to make biomaterials from a natural perspective, favouring the use of resources organic and biodegradable.

How to factory Nature

Lecture of introduction to the science of biomimicry through different cases of study of organisms, focusing on the manufacturing processes of their structures, materials and textures, such as bio-inspired to create sustainable alternatives in the production of new materials.

Workshop to learn the process of the creation of biomaterials and promote circularity in the design of products using techniques of biofabricación.

The biofabrication unites research and artistic creation, replacing the industrial systems or mechanical biological processes, fusing biology, technology, and design according to the principles found in natural organisms, revolutionizing so the existing production processes and its high environmental cost.

We will have a workshop of creation of biomaterial in which the participants will learn the general concepts and principles of preparation of bio-based plastics, step-by-step in a practical way, to make their own recipes and experiments, giving a second life to the organic waste.

Who is it for?

This workshop allows the orientation to different types of audience, from children with a focus on play and discovery, students and professionals with concerns and interest in exploring other types of materials, textiles, bioplastics; alternatives more compatible with the environment.


If you have a company, forms part of an educational institution or an association, or simply you are a group of people that have interest in this topic, write to us at and we will arrange this workshop is for you.

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