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Biomimetics – SummerLab 2023


Third edition of the summer course where you learn all about the science of biomimicry and principles of design bioinspired to help achieve innovation in the creative processes and design new realities.
With the help of:

Nature as an inspiration in the design process.

The summer course in BIOMIMICRY is a program of learning immersive in Nature, in the Natural Park of Networks, in Asturias.
Through different capsules training we will understand what is biomimicry, what are its applications and its working methodology.
We will learn to look at Nature with curiosity, and from the creative experimentation to find alternatives in the design process. Taking Nature as a model, it makes us rethink and rethink the future of design, using alternatives to the traditional production processes.
BIOMIMICRY is an experience for professionals and students who want to improve their creative processes, acquiring skills to transform the observation of the Nature of ideas that solve problems of design, also you will know about manufacturing techniques and digital craft for the manufacture of functional prototypes.

Why look to Nature?

We believe that progress towards societies ecologically sustainable the first step is to raise the awareness of people about the problems and the consequences that generate our demands and dynamics of the consumption current. As consumers, we are the problem and also the solution, because we have the power to change our way of consuming and slow down the waste, and waste that we generate.
Mankind must face up to a major transformation and change its relationship with Nature, through greater social and ecological consciousness.
The design is a powerful tool for carrying out this transformation, for this reason we propose environments for experimentation, looking for narratives that pose a better future.
A new way of thinking about the processes of creating, innovating in the resolution of the design challenges of a sustainable, circular and regenerative, using Nature as a guide.

Who is it for?

SUMMERLAB – BIOMIMETIC it is aimed at those explorers who want to lead transformation projects, with a global vision and interdisciplinary, taking into account the bases of sustainable development.
Students and professionals who have concerns and interest in and to integrate new methodologies in the creation and execution of projects of all creative disciplines, especially those related to the design, architecture, product design and furniture, graphic design, engineering, jewelry making, fashion design and art.

Where and when?

From 9 to 16 July 2023

The summer course will be held in the facilities of the Laboratory Biomimetic in Ladines, specifically in direct contact with the Nature of the Natural Park of Redes, a laboratory that fosters creativity and immersion in the natural environment and the new technologies.


Sobrescobio, 33993 Asturias, SPAIN.

What is included?

  • Accommodation: apartment rural shared with private room, 8 days, 7 nights.
  • Meals: Offers in the apartments of bread and cake-eco-friendly village bakery. Also included are the group meals: dinner inaugural, two picnics and farewell dinner.
  • All materials, a copy of the notebook biomimetic and you'll have access to our workshop and tools.
  • Tutoring with the technical staffwe'll help you to carry out any idea.
  • Complementary activities: walks, birdwatching, yoga, astronomy, visits to other places, etc ..

(Download the package with all the information)

Contact us by e-mail to formalize your registration.


We will keep you informed of upcoming workshops, walks and courses.

In addition we will send you by mail the manual of the notebook biomimetic, "How to create your own collection of discoveries from the natural world" with activities, recommendations, etc